Dr. Brian King

The ring-leader of our group, as some would call him, is Dr. Brian King. He started practicing here in July 1993 and ‘bought the practice in 2005. Originally from Memphis, he achieved his degree at Mississippi State University. You may notice that the clinic is not your “run of the mill” clinic. Dr King is a lover of the arts, which is not only reflected in our colorful clinic with eclectic mix of local and world art pieces, but also in his presence on the music scene. He plays drums in the band Sho Nuff and can always been seen at local music venues. On weekends you may also find him out and about with his wife Liz and their 2 girls, Bella and Francesca. The 4-legged members of their family include 2 dogs, Annie and Gus.

Dr. Gordon Luke

Our other main man around here is Dr. Gordon Luke. Originally from Summerville, he got his start here as a vet tech in 1992-1994. He went on to earn his degree from the University of Georgia and briefly moved to Oregon but returned to us in Oct 2004. He and his wife Bridget are the proud parents of 2 children, Gracyn and MacLain. Their 4-legged children include 3 dogs and 1 cat, Angus, Oliver, Remus, and Gill. Dr. Luke’s hobbies include fly fishing, woodworking, and camping with the family.

Dr. Lara Allison

Our main lady was born in South Africa and moved to Charleston in 1983. Dr. Allison has been here before; she was a full-time vet here in 1996-2001, then came back as a relief vet for us since 2009. Now, you can see her if you come in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Like Dr. Luke, she is also a graduate of the University of Georgia. She is also the proud parent of 2 children, Haley and Luke. She and her husband Tristan also have 3 cats, Wally Jones, Itty Bitty, Speddy, The LB, and The OK. Dr. Allison also has many other accreditations in alternative medicine practices and loves reading, boating, movies, music, and yoga.

Office Staff

Nicole Rhea

(Office Manager/Head Tech)

Our office manager hails from the great state of Iowa which is where she earned her veterinary technician degree at Kirkwood Community College. She started out here as a veterinary technician in 1996 and earned her spot as our head lady in 2008. When she’s not here you can usually find her at the beach, playing softball or working in her yard. She has 2 lovely, Kaila and Jaden. They also like to spend a lot of time with their 2 dogs and 3 cats, Penny, Charlie, Milo, Terrence, and Clemens.

Nicole Evans

Another Nicole you will see at the front desk is Nicole Evans. In 2000, she opted for the warmer climate of Charleston and moved here from her home town of Hendersonville NC. She has been in the vet field since 2002 and here since 2007. In her spare time, she and her husband Trey like to spend time with her daughter Taylor going camping, boating, and hanging out with friends. They also enjoy playing with their 2 dogs and 1 cat, Margaret, Junie, and Justin Beiber.

Sabrina Ferri

Another long-time front desk face is Sabrina Ferri. She came here in 2007 as well after working at an Equine Clinic for 3 years and another small animal practice for 3 years. She is a Lowcountry native who grew up on a farm riding horses her whole life. She also enjoys riding her four-wheeler, being out in the woods or on the boat, and spending time with family. She and her boyfriend Tim have 2 dogs and a cat, Lena, Kota, and Sir.

Bethany Buckner

When Bethany talks you may notice by her drawl that she “ain’t from round here”. She hails from Birmingham Alabama but don’t tell her “Roll Tide”! Bethany started with us in 2015 and loves playing kickball, watching all sports (especially Auburn football), and spending time with her boyfriend Jordan and their 2 dogs, Charlee and Buddy.

Kacie Bates

Kacie moved to Charleston from Hendersonville NC in 2017 to complete our front desk dream team. She stays busy playing softball, going to the beach, and hanging with friends. Even though she doesn’t have any pets of her own, she loves spoiling everyone elses pets! Fun fact: She is Nicole Evans’ cousin.

Tatiana Fisher

One friendly face that you will only see on Saturdays is Tatiana. She started with us back 2014 and has a dog and a cat, Hagan and Edgar. She loves cooking, gardening, and traveling with her boyfriend Arthur.


Dede Dunlap

One very familiar face is Dede Dunlap. She livens up the clinic with her crazy hair and loud laugh. Originally from New York, she has lived in the Lowcountry most of her life and came to us in 2005. With her love of walking the beach, refinishing furniture, and going out with friends you would never know she is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2! She also has 1 dog and 1 cat, Angus and Gravy.

Chelsea Delossanto

Our second curly haired girl completed the Vet Tech program at Trident Tech in 2008 and started with us back in 2013. In her spare time she loves relaxing, listening to alternative music, traveling and going to concerts. She and her boyfriend Teddy have 2 cats, Felix and Panda.

Jaymee Zdanek

This bubbly blonde you may see bouncing around might look familiar from around town. Jaymee has been with us since 2015 and is the lead singer of a popular local band, Bender Funk. She loves to spend her free time on Folly Beach with her 2 dogs Brutus and Morris.

Kaitlyn Kessing

One of our “new faces” came to us in 2018. Kaitlyn is a Summerville native that loves animals so much, she started her own rescue. She and her husband Chad have to 2 children, Ben and Dakota, and way too many 4 legged babies to mention!

Rose Torres

Our third curly haired lady is another NC native. Rose decided to leave the cold mountains of Boone for the warm beaches here in 2018 making her our newest face. She has adapted well and loves kayaking, taking her dog Simba to the beach, and exploring all that Charleston has to offer.

Office Kitty


When you visit our office, you may see a brightly colored furball go zipping past, or you may thing think you’ve just seen a Teletubby. Our resident kitty is a beautiful snow white by birth but Dr. King likes to have her blend in with her surroundings a little bit better than that. He frequently dyes her to match the season (don’t worry it is vegetable based). However, her uniqueness goes beyond whatever color she happens to be this month. Flora was brought to us as a stray in 2011 with nerve damage to one of her front legs. Unfortunately it was permanent so Dr. King amputated the leg. It has not slowed her down one bit. Flora likes to spend her days laying in the window of Dr. Kings office or laying on the counter teasing the dogs. FUN FACT: She also has one blue eye and one green eye.